EpiVaginal tissues are cultured from normal, human-derived vaginal epithelial and dendritic cells. Its highly-differentiated structure parallels in vivo tissue and is ideal for toxicity studies of feminine hygiene, vaginal care, and microbicide products. 外阴有四种类型:

1) VEC-100(图1):含有VEC上皮细胞的上皮组织;

2) VLC-100 (Figure 1): A patented epithelial tissue containing epithelial VEC and immuno-competent dendritic cells,

3) VEC-100-FT (Figure 2): A full thickness version of VEC-100 which includes VEC epithelial cells and a fibroblast-containing lamina propria, and

4) VLC-100-FT (Figure 2): A patented immuno-competent version of the VEC-100-FT which includes dendritic cells.

EpiVaginal Histology New

Figure 1: H&E stained histological (formalin fixed) cross-sections of A) VEC-100 in vitro reconstructed epithelial tissue models containing normal human VEC cells, and B) vaginal explant tissue. Both in vitro and in vivo tissues show nucleated basal and suprabasal cell layers followed by layers in which nuclei are lost and cells are filled with glycogen.

EpiVaginalFT Histology New


Figure 2: H&E stained histological (formalin fixed) cross sections of full-thickness EpiVaginal tissues. The VEC-100-FT tissues consist of VEC epithelial cells cultured atop a lamina propria (LP)-like collagen matrix that contains fibroblasts. The VLC-100-FT consists of VEC epithelial and dendritic cells in the epithelial layers and contains both fibroblasts and dendritic cells in the LP.



Figure 3: Formalin fixed cross-sections of the VEC-100 tissue immuno-stained for cytokeratins, CK13, CK14, & CK18. Basal cells are stained by CK14 and supra-basal cells by CK13; no cells are stained by CK18.


Figure 4: Viability (A) and Cytokine Release (B) of full-thickness vaginal ecto-cervical (VEC-100-FT) tissue model following exposure (18 hr) to formulations containing the common spermicide nonoxynol-9 (N9): a) PBS control and b) KY jelly (KY, 0% N9), c) KY N9 (2%), and d) N9 (0.1%). 随着组织活力的降低,IL-1β增加.


图5:局部暴露于60(24小时)后VLC-100组织的HIV-1感染,000 CPM HIV-1 ADA或NL4-3病毒. 暴露后,将组织洗涤3次,然后再培养24小时. Cellular DNA was then extracted and HIV-1 transcripts were detected using HIV-1 gag specific primer pairs.


Figure 6: RT PCR showing Toll-like Receptor (TLR) expression for: A) organotypic vaginal-ectocervical (VEC) tissue model and B) Human cervical tissue explant.

Microbicide Testing, STD Infection Research, Feminine Hygiene, Inflammation, Drug Delivery

EpiVaginal provides an in vitro research tool both for feminine product safety testing and for the study of HIV-1 and other sexually transmitted diseases. Its tissue structure and cellular physiology closely parallel in vivo vaginal epithelial tissue, 使其成为毒理学和功效测试的理想选择, 也是生物研究的工具. Browse our reference library 看看研究人员是如何在这些研究领域使用我们的外阴组织的.


Kits: 外阴试剂盒VEC-100包含24个组织, VEC-112包含12个组织,VEC-606包含6个组织. (纸巾“包”包含纸巾, 少量培养基, and plasticware; contact 正规的网博软件有哪些 for specific kit contents.)

Substrate: 使用单孔组织培养板插入.

VEC-100: Nunc™单孔组织培养板插入件. Pore Size = 0.4 µm, Inner Diameter = 0.80 cm, Surface Area = 0.5 cm2.

VEC-606: 聚碳酸酯单孔组织培养板插入,Nunc™. Pore Size = 0.4 µm, Inner Diameter = 2.5 cm, Surface Area = 4.2 cm2.

Culture: At air liquid interface.

Histology: VEC-100: 10-16个非角膜组织细胞层.

Lot Numbers: Tissue lots produced by each technician for each week are assigned a specific lot number. 通常,任何一周的纸巾生产都有多个批号. A letter of the alphabet is appended to the end of the lot number to differentiate between individual kits within a given lot of tissues. 所有组织试剂盒在细胞方面都是相同的, medium, handling, culture conditions, etc.

Shipment: 在4°C培养基中添加琼脂糖凝胶.

Shipment day: Monday.

Delivery: 周二上午通过联邦快递优先服务(美国). 美国以外:周二至周四视地点而定.

Shelf life: 包括运输时间在内,纸巾在使用前可在4°C下保存4天. 但是,除非绝对必要,否则不建议延长储存期. In addition, the best reproducibility will be obtained if tissues are used consistently on the same day, e.g. 周三早上,在4°C的温度下过夜.

Length of experiments: Cultures can be continued for at least 1 week with good retention of normal morphology. 培养物必须每隔一天用5.0 ml维持培养基(VEC-100-MM). Cell culture inserts are placed atop culture stands (part number MEL-STND) or washers (part number EPI-WSHR) in 6-well plates to allow the use of 5.0 ml.

Alternative tissues:

VEC-100-FT: Similar to VEC-100 except tissue grown on a collagen/vaginal fibroblast substrate (lamina propria).




VLC-100-FT: Similar to VLC-100 except tissue grown on a collagen/vaginal fibroblast substrate (lamina propria).



Type: Normal human ectocervical cells (NHEC) are differentiated into tissues with a non-cornified, 阴道-子宫颈外阴表型(部件号:VEC-100).

Genetic make-up: Single donor.

Derived from: 成人宫颈外组织.

Screened for: 艾滋病毒、乙型肝炎、丙型肝炎、支原体、细菌、酵母菌、真菌.


Base medium: Dulbecco 's Modified Eagle 's Medium (DMEM)和F12 Medium.

Growth factors/hormones: 表皮生长因子和其他专有因子.

Serum: None.

Antibiotics: 庆大霉素5µg/ml(为庆大霉素正常水平的10%).

Anti-fungal agent: Amphotericin B 0.25 µg/ml.

pH Indicator: Phenol red.

Other additives: Proprietary.

Alternatives: 不含酚红、不含抗生素、不含真菌的培养基和组织. 代理商在发货前3天撤离.

Maintenance medium: VEC-100-MM


Visual inspection: 所有组织都经过目视检查,如果发现物理缺陷, 纸巾被拒绝装运.

End-use testing: 每个批次的组织活力由MTT测定法确定. Tissues are exposed to 1.Triton X-100为30、60和120分钟. The time of exposure required to reduce the tissue viability (ET-50) using the MTT assay is determined. 将存活率降低到50% (ET-50)所需的暴露时间必须为0.92 – 1.67 hours. A summary of the QC testing results will be provided to the customer for reference upon request. (对于TEER测量,正规的网博软件有哪些已经成功地使用了WPI Endohm系统.)

Sterility: 在整个生产过程中使用的所有介质都要进行无菌检查. Maintenance medium is incubated with and without antibiotics for 1 week and checked for sterility. The agarose gel from the 24-well plate used for shipping is also incubated for 1 week and checked for any sign of contamination.

Screening for pathogens: 所有细胞都经过筛选,使用PCR检测HIV、乙肝和丙肝呈阴性. However, no known test method can offer complete assurance that the cells are pathogen free. Thus, these products and all human derived products should be handled at BSL-2 levels (biosafety level 2) or higher as recommended in the CDC-NIH manual, 微生物和生物医学实验室的生物安全,” 1998. For further assistance, please contact your site Safety Officer or 正规的网博软件有哪些 technical service.

Notification of lot failure: 如果纸巾没有通过我们的质量检验或无菌检验, the customer will be notified and the tissues will be replaced without charge when appropriate. 因为我们的一些QC和无菌检测是在出货后完成的, 我们会尽快发出通知. (在正常情况下,ET-50故障将在周四下午5点前通知.m.; sterility failures will be notified within 8 days of shipment.)

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